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At eduinn, we believe in the transformative power of education. For this reason, we have developed workshops that help participants to shape their everyday lives with children in a child-appropriate way.


Our workshops are designed to support adults in their work with children.
With these three workshops the adults are accompanied in their preparation of the school year as well as during both semesters. This represents reliable guidance especially for those who embark on the endeavor of a new educational setting.


The workshops are offered online via Zoom and recorded so that they can also be watched afterwards.


The aim of these workshops is to provide participants with tangible and detailed tools for their work with children. The theoretical basis for each activity is explained in depth.

The approach taught in these workshops helps the participants to create a setting in which the children can develop without losing touch with their inner being, character and nature.


In this way we can make a difference together - towards a society in which the children have an appropriate place for their development.


If you have any questions about the content of this workshop, please contact us at

The eduinn Online Semester Workshops

Our Summer Preparation Workshop is designed to prepare participants for the upcoming school year with a focus on child-appropriate guidance and on developing an appropriate curriculum.
This workshop is a valuable resource for teachers, homeschooling groups, forest schools and other school initiatives who want to create a child-appropriate environment and incorporate concrete learning experiences with materials into their pedagogy.

The meetings will take place over a period of 4 weeks for two hours twice a week, conveniently held in the evenings. We will cover essential topics such as structuring a school/learning group, defining the most important development goals for the children, discussing a curriculum and developing a concept for the organization of the school/learning group.

Theoretical topics such as developmental psychology, the role of the adult in a child-appropriate pedagogy and Maria Montessori's approach to pedagogy are covered, as well as practical topics such as the concrete design of the prepared learning-environment² and the selection of learning-materials².

² We prefer the words "environment prepared for the child’s development" and "developmental-material", but use "learning-environment" and "learning-material" here for ease of understanding.

¹ By curriculum here we mean, in principle, the adult's guidelines for children, whether they are officially set or simply the parents' view of what their children should be able to know and do.

Price: 240 Euro
Price with early bird discount: 192 Euro

Preparation Workshop for the New School Year - Structure, Concept, Curriculum¹:

Our fall workshop offers comprehensive guidance through the semester and is particularly suitable for Montessori teachers, homeschooling groups and other school initiatives that want to incorporate the Cosmic Education curriculum into the school day or deepen their understanding of it.


Spread over 13 weeks, the Cosmic Education theory, Cosmic Tales, presentations, experiments, field trips and other related activities will be discussed and introduced. The content covers geology, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, history and culture.


The aim of the workshop is to provide the necessary theoretical and practical skills to effectively integrate Cosmic Education into the respective educational setting.


The meetings will take place over a period of 13 weeks for two hours twice a week, conveniently held in the evenings. During these sessions, new aspects of the curriculum are introduced, Cosmic Tales are presented, possible follow-up activities are discussed and a wealth of presentations and experiments are offered. In this way, concrete and comprehensive examples are provided to facilitate the understanding and implementation of the Cosmic Education program.


During each session, participants also share and discuss their experiences from the previous week, creating a dynamic and interactive learning space for the adults.


This workshop gives participants the opportunity to implement the Cosmic Education curriculum in a solid and confident way.


Price: 780 Euro
Price with early bird discount: 624 Euro

Support Workshop for the Fall Semester - Cosmic Education:

Our spring orientation workshop focuses on a crucial aspect of child-appropriate pedagogy: documenting the children's development. The right approach to documentation makes accompanying the children more organized and relaxed for the adults. It lays the foundation for the children to develop with freedom and natural spontaneity, while allowing the adults to align the children’s development with any legally mandated goals. In addition, accurate documentation makes interactions with parents easier and more meaningful.


The goal of this workshop is to teach how to effectively observe the children’s development and to keep a comprehensive and well-organized documentation thereof, discuss how to write eventual mandatory report cards or other developmental reports, and practice how to have successful parent-teacher conversations.


The meetings will take place over a period of 9 weeks for two hours twice a week, conveniently held in the evenings. We discuss how to document the children's daily activities, how to form positive educational alliances with their families and how to communicate in a confident and supportive way.


In addition, the topic of parent-teacher conferences is covered in detail. There is plenty of room for discussion of specific situations from the participants' everyday lives with children. Tools and techniques will be taught to conduct parent-teacher conferences gently and effectively, even in difficult situations.

Price: 540 euros
Price with early bird discount: 430 euros

Orientation Workshop in Observation and Assessment - Documentation, Report Cards, Parent Contact:

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