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Consultations for Teachers, Parents, Homeschooling Groups and other School Initiatives

At eduinn, we support educators, parents, homeschooling groups and other school initiatives in shaping a child-appropriate educational future.


Our focus is on fostering a welcoming learning environment² that is adapted to the specific psychological developmental needs of children and allows them to explore their own path of evolvement.


Since the accompanying adults are an integral part of this learning-environment², in our services we focus on the "transformation" of the adults. We reflect on the adult’s communication and interaction with the children and adolescents and work on their inner attitudes and on obstructive, entrenched beliefs.


We also provide concrete tools such as activities that can be offered to the children, the selection of appropriate learning-material², the suitable design of the learning-environment² and the development of a curriculum¹.


It is very important for us to explain, in everything we offer, the theoretical and scientific foundation on which our approach to education is based, in order to enable the adults to understand the how as well as the why.


Our services, led by Verena Welser, cover a wide range of needs. We offer consulting in various subject areas: from supporting children with special difficulties (including traumatization), to introducing child-appropriate teaching methods (including Montessori), to supporting schools in developing or adapting their curricula and in creating new educational realities.


In our consultations, seminars and semester workshops, we help adults improve and enhance their work and interactions with children through a deeper understanding and refined empathy.


² We prefer the words "environment prepared for the child’s development" and "developmental-material", but use "learning-environment" and "learning-material" here for ease of understanding.


¹ By curriculum here we mean, in principle, the adult's guidelines for children, whether they are officially set or simply the parents' view of what their children should be able to know and do.

Trauma Counseling

Contact with traumatized children often elicits feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless. However, with the right support and enough time, children can overcome and integrate their traumatic experiences.


The healing process for traumatization is very complex. There is a lot that can be done wrong, but also a lot that can be done right. Professional, targeted methods and an appropriately designed environment enable a gentle healing process for the children.


If you are in contact with traumatized children, for example by working with children who have lived through displacement, we can provide on-site and online help in the form of counseling.

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