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Spring Orientation Workshop

4 hours per week, for 9 weeks (36 hours).

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  • 540 euro
  • Online

Descrizione del servizio

Our spring orientation workshop for teachers and learning groups focuses on a crucial aspect of child-friendly learning: documentation of child development. We believe that the right approach to documentation can foster adult organization that can best accompany the child so that he or she can develop in freedom and natural spontaneity. In addition, accurate documentation can make interaction with parents more meaningful. In addition to documentation, different ways of planning report cards or other certificates of development will be discussed as well as interviews with parents. In addition to documentation, different ways of planning report cards or other developmental certificates as well as parent interviews will be discussed. Course Overview: This 9-week workshop, with weekly 2-hour sessions, covers how to document children's daily activities, how to set up end-of-year reports, and how to communicate progress to parents. In addition, the topic of parent interviews will be covered. We provide the tools and techniques needed to handle these conversations gently and effectively, even in difficult situations. Key learning outcomes: Gain deep confidence in observing children and documenting their development. Acquire concrete resources for observation and documentation without losing sight of any child. Acquire deep confidence in communicating with parents and subsequent school orders. Share experiences and strategies with other Montessori educators, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Price: 540 euros Discounted price: 430 euros

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Fronhausen 405, Barwies, Austria

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