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Fall Support Workshop

4 hours per week, for 13 weeks (52 hours).

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  • 780 euro
  • Online

Descrizione del servizio

During the fall, eduinn invites Montessori educators to embark on a 13-week journey, delving into the fascinating world of Cosmic Education. The course, which will be held every Wednesday and Thursday for two hours beginning in September, is designed to guide Montessori teachers step by step in the application of the Cosmic Education program. Participants will learn to understand and apply sequences of Cosmic Fables presentations, presentations of other materials, activity suggestions, and receive concrete guidance regarding preparing the environment. The content will also be enriched by your personal questions and needs. Course Overview: Over the course of 26 sessions, participants will explore the principles of Cosmic Education. Each week the next phase of the curriculum will be presented and discussed in detail. The purpose is to experience what is presented on the course, within your classrooms, the subject of discussion in subsequent meetings. Participants will be guided through the process of presenting each fable and the various subsequent activities that can be introduced in order to reinforce the learning experience. Participants will be guided through the process of introducing each fable and all subsequent activities. Key Learning Outcomes: Gain a deep understanding of each Cosmic Fable and its role in the Montessori curriculum. Learn to design follow-up activities that promote students' exploration, curiosity and critical thinking. Share experiences and insights with other Montessori educators, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Safely guide your students through the first semester of the Montessori program, laying a solid foundation for their continued growth and development. Price: 780 euros Discounted price: 624 euro

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Fronhausen 405, Barwies, Austria

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